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Choosing A Primary Care Team

Staying healthy is best done with the guidance of medical experts. When chronic illness

strikes, it requires the knowledge and help of someone with the ability to make appropriate diagnoses while balancing treatments that are often aimed at multiple organ systems.

At Jubilee we have one of the best primary care teams that promises to keep the patient

at the center of all diagnostic and treatment activities. Our team is comprised of medical

assistants, nurse practitioners, office administrators and our highly knowledgable physicians. At Jubilee we can guarantee that at any given time, a qualified team member will be available to for support and assist in finding solutions to any specific health problem. We take our time to focus on each individuals needs and help each patient navigate a complicated health care system.

Jubilee Primary Care wants to be your certified medical home and provide you with the

best PCP team available. If you are currently healthy and don’t have extensive medical needs, now is a great time to establish a relationship with us at Jubilee. We want to be here for you anytime you need us.

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